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ultimi articoli pubblicati da Ricercatori CNR-IRCrES

Effective strategies that enhance the social impact of social sciences and humanities research
Struttura e organizzazione della ricerca pubblica in Italia: verso lo stato valutativo? Una introduzione
Gli incentivi per la salute e sicurezza sul lavoro: riflessione sugli approcci metodologici e sulle criticità dell’analisi valutativa

L’interesse del Senato della Repubblica per la pratica valutativa: alcune riflessioni di metodo relativamente agli aiuti per la sicurezza sui luoghi del lavoro.
On Indicators Oecd Proposes for Gauging Science & Technology

The socio-economic planning of a community nurses programme in mountain areas: A Directional Distance Function approach
“Participatory approach for developing knowledge on organic rice farming:
Management strategies and productive performance”

Why A. Smith Might Have Been Right, After All
Peer review versus bibliometrics: Which method better predicts the scholarly impact of publications?

Are security standards for electricity infrastructure a good choice for Europe? Evidence on cost and benefits from two case studies.

Cooperative Banks Performance and the Issue of Non-Performing Loans. New Empirical Evidence from Italian Regional Data

The influence of reputation on supplier selection: An empirical study of the European automotive industry

Firm internationalization and performance: Evidence for designing policies

Moving, remaining, and returning: international mobility of doctorate holders in the social sciences and humanities
Les détours vers la Cité Neuve

Terrorism Driven by High Population Growth
Optimization in R&D intensity and tax on corporate profits for supporting labor productivity of nations

A Theory of the General Causes of Long Waves: War, General Purpose Technologies, and Economic Change

Comparative Evaluation Systems https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_1210-1

Comparative Models of Inquiry https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_1199-1

Comparative Studies  https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_1197-1

Institutional Efficiency and Financial Health https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5

Rewards in Bureaucracy and Politics https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_3417-1

Voci enciclopediche per la 

General Trends and Causes of High Compensation of Government Managers in the OECD Countries


Numero speciale RERU “La performance des politiques régionales en Europe “


The Relation between Public Managers’ Compensation and Governance
Conceptualizing and measuring performance orientation of research funding systems   
Firm’s survival, rating and efficiency: new empirical evidence
Asymmetric paths of public debts and of general government deficits across countries within and outside the European monetary unification and economic policy of debt dissolution

The localization of pharmaceutical clinical research in Europe
General Trends and Causes of High Compensation of Government Managers in the OECD Countries


Productivity growth, environmental regulation and win–win opportunities: The case of chemical industry in Italy and Germany


Technical efficiency, unions and decentralized labor contracts

Radical innovations as drivers of breakthroughs: characteristics and properties of the management of technology leading to superior organisational performance in the discovery process of R&D labs

Scientific collaboration framework of BRICS countries: an analysis of international coauthorship


Allometric models to measure and analyze the evolution of international research collaboration

 Bacci Pagano’s soundscape within the Genoese noir by Bruno Morchio


Special issue:
International Journal of Entrepreneurship
and Innovation Management
sul tema
Inter-firm cooperation and innovation

General sources of general purpose technologies in complex societies: Theory of global leadership-driven innovation, warfare and human development




Prospective design in the automotive sector and the trajectory of the bluecar project: an electric car sharing system
Likely Technological Trajectories in Agricultural Tractors by Analysing Innovative Attitudes of Farmers

Technical efficiency and productivity growth along the automotive value chain: evidence from Italy

Structure and organisational behaviour of public research institutions under unstable growth of human resources
The Nexus between technological performances of countries and incidence of cancers in society  
   Benchmarking and effects of reforms in the fixed telecommunications industry: A DDF approach
 Priorities for Emergency Department Syncope Research

Strategic management implications for the adoption of technological innovations in agricultural tractor: the role of scale factors and environmental attitude

The impact of hybrid public and market-oriented financing mechanisms on the scientific portfolio and performances of public research labs: a scientometric analysis
Outlining policy responses to stimulate automotive car demand by environmental impact reduction 


Attitudes and behaviour of adopters
of technological innovations in agricultural tractors:
A case study in Italian agricultural system

 Judicial productivity, delay and efficiency: a Directional Distance Function (DDF) approach 


ivtreatreg: A command for fitting binary treatment models with heterogeneous response to treatment and unobservable selection

treatrew: A user-written command for estimating average treatment effects by reweighting on the propensity score

Converging scientific fields and new technological paradigms as main drivers of the division of scientific labour in drug discovery process: the effects on strategic management of the R&D corporate change

Measuring the opening of national R&D programs: what indicators for what purposes? 
Emerging technological trajectories of tissue engineering and the critical directions in cartilage regenerative medicine

University Third mission in Italy: Organization, faculty attitude and academic specialization
Organisational (un)learning of public research labs in turbulent context 
Challenges in higher education research: the use
of quantitative tools in comparative analyses



ultimi libri

La filiera del distretto cartario di Lucca
Fame e Abbondanza in cinquantacinque poesie di Giovanni Rapetti


Economia del tessile sostenibile: la lana italiana
 La Pratica di fabricare Scene e Machine ne’ Teatri di Nicola Sabbattini. Uno sguardo alla lingua tecnica  


Gli esiti occupazionali delle Politiche formative in Piemonte.
Rapporto annuale di Placement 2013.
Indagine su qualificati e specializzati nell’anno 2012


Econometric Evaluation of Socio-Economic Programs. Theory and Applications

Evoluzione della grande impresa e catene globali del valore
Collana Studi e Ricerche della FONDAZIONE ANSALDO

La European Environment Agency ha pubblicato
il rapporto 'Resource‑efficient green economy and EU policies' a cui ha collaborato il Ceris



Information policies
in the humanities

Automazione e Strumentazione
Industriale, Civile e di Laboratorio


Gli esiti occupazionali delle Politiche formative in Piemonte. Rapporto annuale di Placement 2012. Indagine su qualificati e specializzati nell'anno 2011  
Scienza & Tecnologia in cifre
Aggiornamento 2014
 Sano come un pesce. Ricerca e innovazione lungo la filiera acquacoltura-ristorazione scolastica

JOREP Documents :

Investments in JOint and Open
REsearch Programmes and analysis
of their economic impact
Executive summary

JOREP Documents :

Investments in JOint and Open
REsearch Programmes and
analysis of their economic impact
Final Report

 Link to European Union:
Other studies on
Research and Innovation  

JOREP Documents :
 Link to European Union:
Other studies on
Research and Innovation  



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