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 Bianca Maria POTI'

Sede di Roma
Via dei Taurini, 19 - Roma
Tel. +39 06 49937847 Fax. +39 06 49937808

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Date of birth:            January, 3 1951
Place of birth:           Roma, Italy
Current Position
  • Senior Researcher  at the Institute for economic research on firm and growth CERIS  (previously, ISRDS-CNR).
Scientific interest:
  • Economics of science and innovation; Scientific and technological policy; Industrial economics
  • B.A. in Economic and Monetary  Policy at University La Sapienza, Roma (with full honors), 1978
Specialized courses
1 year Master in Management of Economy and Firm at A. Olivetti Institute, Ancona, 1979

Participation in Scientific Commissions and Committees
  • Expert at the National Committee for the Economy and  Labour (CNEL) on Research and Technical Innovation , IV Commission, Roma, (1995-1997);
  • Expert at the Ministry of Education, University and Research, in the Italian Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP/OECDO), Roma, (2000-2005);
  • Expert in the   FORUM for Biomedical Research (supported by the  University of Milano, the Censis Foundation, Roma, and  pharmaceuticals companies), Roma, 2000-2005;
  • CERIS Responsible of the advisory activity for the preparation of the 2004-2006 National Research Plan at the  Ministry of Education, University and Research, Roma, (2003-2004);
  • Member of  the scientific committee of the PhD school in Applied research for Social Sciences (RASS), University La Sapienza, Roma (since 2004);
  • Member of EraWatch Network  (EWN) (since 2005);
  • Member of the Steering Comitteee of the European project  CREATE ACCEPTANCE: team coordination, support to the project  leader and responsibility in project results  diffusion, 2006-2008.
 Language Proficiency
  • Italian (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), German (studied at University).
Manuscript Reviewer
  • 25th DRUID (Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics) Celebration Conference, 2008
  • PRIME Network of excellence’s  Summer schools (Madrid,2004;Budapest 2005; Roma 2007);
  • Erawatch country reports, 2007.
Professional Experience, Grants and Awards
  • Project expert and supporting contributor in the EU Tender “Tools and Indicators for Community Research Evaluation and Monitoring”,  with Philippe Larédo (ARMINES), Liv Langfeldt (NIFU-STEP), Ghislaine Filliatreau (OST), Mario DeMarchi (CERIS), Maurizio Rocchi (CERIS); project leader Michael Braun (Proneos), 2008
  • Expert in the Contract “Erawatch Country Reports 2008” supported by EC Joint Research Center,IPTS, 2008.
  • Principal investigator and scientific coordinator of four research units in a national three years strategic project (FIRB Programme) “Models and tools for evaluating the impact of RDI investments at a short and medium terms on the national manufacturing system”, grant awarded by  the Ministry of Research (750.000 euro), 2005-2008.
  • Co-investigator and national scientific responsible in “Create Acceptance” project (6th EUFP) coordinated by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, (ECN), Policies Studies Department, 2005- 2008;
  • Member of  the EU Network of Excellence PRIME (Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move towards the ERA), with participation and responsibility in various Prime projects, VI Framework Programme, 2004- 2008;
  • Member of the European Network of Indicator Designers (ENID), within PRIME Network 2007-2008;
  • Co-investigator in the “Steering of University” project, sponsored by PRIME Network and coordinated by Paradeise C.,  2004-2007;
  • Co-investigator in the “Observatory of the European University” sponsored by PRIME Network and coordinated by OST (France), 2004-2007;
  • Co-investigator in  the “Comparative analysis of public project funding in six European countries” project sponsored by PRIME Network and coordinated by OST (France) and University of Lugano, 2005-2007;
  • Collaboration in the “Development and testing of Erawatch base-load inventory and intelligence service”, coordinated by PREST (UK), sponsored by IPTS, Seville, 2003-2004;
  • Co-investigator in the European project, ”A comparative analysis of public, semipublic  and recently privatised Research Centers”, coordinated by PREST (UK)
  • Co-investigator and national scientific responsible in  the project, “Management tools and a management framework for assessing the potential of European long term S/T options”, coordinated by CSI, Ecole des Mines (France), TSER, n° SOE1-CT98-1126, 1998-2001;
  • Co-investigator in the project “Convergence”, ”Strategies and policies for systemic interactions and convergence in Europe”, sponsored by TSER programme, SOE2-CT98-2047, 1998-2000;
  • Co-investigator in the project “European comparison of public research systems”, coordinated by SPRU (UK), TSER Programme, SOE1-CT96-1036, 1997-1998;
  • Collaboration in the OECD project  “Cluster and cluster policy” , 1997-1999;
  • Investigator in the OECD Programme “National innovation Systems”,  1995-1997;
  • Visiting scientists at the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines, Paris, France,  with a CNR grant for short term mobility, from May to July 1996
Teaching Experience
  • 1997-‘98 and 1998-’99 Professor of “Industrial Economics” at the faculty of Political Sciences, University of Macerata.
  • From 2002 to 2008  professor of “Industrial Economics” at the faculty of Economics, University of Cassino;
  • Since 2002  (on going) professor of “Economics of Innovation” at the faculty of Sociology, University La Sapienza, Roma.
  • Supervisor of many Master Theses (Tesi di laurea), PhD theses and member of the Examining Commission for PhD Degree   
International workshop organization
  • Co-organizer Prime Winter School, Roma, November, 2007
  • II Workshop of the European project Create Acceptance, Roma, April, 2006.
  • Workshop of Focus group OCDE  “Innovative firms and networks”, Roma,  May, 15-16, 2000
  • Workshop of the European project “Management tools and a management framework for assessing the potential of European long term S&T options to become embedded in society”, Roma, Sept. 14-15, 2000 
Recent publications
  • Cerulli G. and Poti’ B., (2008), Measuring intersectoral knowledge spillovers: an application of sensitivity analysis to Italy,  Economic Systems Research, submitted.
  • Poti’ B. and Cerulli G., (2008), Heterogeneity of innovation strategies and firms’ performance, selected for publication in the Springer Verlag book including the best papers from the International Schumpeter Society Conference 2006, forthcoming. 
  • Reale E. and Potì B., (2008), “Changing patterns in the steering of Universities in Italy: funding rules and doctoral programmes”, in Paradeise C., Reale E, Bleiklie I. and Ferie E. (eds) University Governance: Western European Comparative Perspectives, Dordrecht, Springer, forthcoming.
  • Potì B.and Reale E. (2007) “Changing allocation models for public research funding: an empirical exploration based on project funding data”, Science and Public Policy, vol 34 N6.
  • Lepori B., van den Besselaar P., Dinges M., Potì B., Reale E., Slipaersaeter S., Thieves J., van der Meulen B., (2007), “Comparing the evolution of national research policies: what patterns of change”, Science and Public Policy, vol 34 N6. 
  • Reale E., Potì B., Goestellac G., Texeira P., (2006), University funding, in Observatory of the European university. Methodological guide, Prime network of excellence (Policies for Research and Innovation in the move towards  the European research area); http://www.prime-noe.org.
  • Potì B. and Reale E., (2006), “Attrarre risorse finanziarie esterne: un’opportunità o una minaccia per gli istituti di ricerca pubblici?”, in Rassegna Italiana di Valutazione, anno X, n 36.
  • Genthon C. and Potì B. , (2006),  “L'internazionalizzazione dei servizi informatici: un processo più lento del previsto”, in Economia e Politica Industriale, N 1, 2006.
  • Cerulli G.and Poti’ B., Heterogeneity of innovation strategies and firms’ performance, Ceris WP N. 6, 2007.
  • Potì B., Reale E., Di Fiore M., The Role of R/D Expenditure: a Critical Comparison of The two (R&S and CIS) Sources of Data, Ceris WP N. 7,  2007. 
  • Poti’ B. and Reale E.,  The patenting regime in the Italian public research system. What motivates public inventors to patent, Ceris WP 10, 2005. 
  • Potì B. and Reale E. (2005), ENIP Report. Country: Italy, PRIME Network of Excellence, EU 6° Framework, available at the PRIME website www.prime-noe.org.
  • Potì B. and Reale E. (2005), Changing patterns in the steering of the University in Italy: funding rules and doctoral programmes, CERIS Working Paper.


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