A novel public-private alliance to generate socioeconomic, biomedical and technological solutions for an inclusive Italian ageing society


Age-It: Ageing Well in an Ageing Society

Kick off

2023 Ongoing

Scientific leader

Falavigna Greta

Lead partner of the project

University of Florence

Funding organization

EU Next Generation Funding, as part of Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, Missione 4 “Istruzione e ricerca” – Componente 2 “Dalla ricerca all’impresa” (Partenariati Estesi, PE8)


The overall objective of Age-It is to increase Italy’s contribution to research on ageing, making it a leader in European and global research and strategic value chains, in accordance with the objectives and priorities of the National Research Plan (NRP) 2021-2027. Applying a holistic, interdisciplinary and problem-solving approach, Age-It intends to overcome the fragmentation of different perspectives on ageing by involving a multiplicity of partners including research and educational institutions, care providers and civil society associations, business and industry. It includes actors from all public and private, profit and non-profit sectors, also paving the way for a reduction of time-to-market for value-added products and services.