Emina Antonella
Emina Antonella
Dirigente di Ricerca

Strada delle Cacce, 73 10135 - Torino

+39 0113977.633

+39 3493134508


I am currently Dirigente di ricerca at the CNR-IRCrES. I completed my doctoral thesis on francophone literature (L.S. Senghor’s poetry) in which I pointed out the close connection between literary works and their geographical, historical milieu. By studying, editing and translating some major francophone writers, I became interested in theoretical and epistemological questions to define the place of francophone literature in the contemporary world and its role in World literature. I published some eighty essays (books, chapters of books, articles, reviews…). My research concerns Francophone literatures, literature of migrations, theory questions (literature and landscape, literature and popular heritage…). As founder and ex-director of RiMe Review, and as coordinator of the project “Hunger and feast in the popular narrative in Piedmont”, in cooperation with ICT team of CNR-IRCrES, I have developed parallel research interests in the development of digital humanities and literature studies.