Fabrizio Serena
Fabrizio Serena

Via dei Taurini, 19 00185 - ROMA


+39 377 9672168


Serena Fabrizio graduated in Communication Science and in 2013 finished her PhD in Communication Science at Sapienza University of Rome, defending a thesis titled Giovani, media e civic engagement. La rete da luogo di socialità a spazio di attivazione civica? on topics related to new technologies as a tool for training new collective subjects and access to knowledge. Until 2015 she collaborated on Research University Projects within the CORIS Department of Sapienza University on topics related to the representation and governance of social problems. Since June 2015 she has a research fellowship at IRCRES-CNR collaborating on several European and national research projects. Main research interests concern policies for higher education and governance systems, analysis of public funding on R&D at national and international level, evaluation of impact of Social Science and Humanities (SSH) research.

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