Giuffredi Rita
Giuffredi Rita

Via dei Taurini, 19 00185 - ROMA

Rita Giuffredi works in Rome at the Institute for Research on Sustainable Economic Growth of the National Research Council (CNR-IRCrES), dealing with communication for the NRRP project FOSSR (Fostering Open Science in Social Science Research), and collaborating on governance and training aspects. After graduating in particle physics, she dedicated herself to furthering her studies on science with a post-graduate degree in science communication at SISSA in Trieste and a PhD focusing on the narratives incorporated in political discourses on EU research, at the University of Bologna. At the same time, she worked for four years at CERN (Geneva) as science communicator and management assistant within a European project for the development of new diagnostic tools based on technologies developed in high-energy physics (PicoSEC-MCNet).

Since 2018, she collaborated, at the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment of the National Research Council (IREA-CNR), with the European H2020 project BlueMed CSA, taking care of the communication, dissemination and public engagement aspects of the project, focused on coordination and promotion of the European initiative of the same name on research and innovation for “Blue” growth in the Mediterranean area (BLUEMED Initiative – Research and Innovation for Blue Growth and Jobs in the Mediterranean area). Since 2022, work in the marine sphere has been enriched by collaboration with the European project Prep4Blue, on issues related to citizens’ engagement, with the specific aim of contributing to an Italian ‘Ocean engagement’ network.

Since 2021 she has been involved in the BRIDGES project, a transdisciplinary research project that, on the case study of soil fertility, focused on the boundaries that define and legitimise different forms of knowledge, describing and unveiling the narratives on science and technology shared in the Italian research world and experimenting with methods to co-produce hybrid research practices that stimulate systemic and relational thinking, capable of generating knowledge that is responsible, inclusive and relevant.

Her research interests mainly focus on knowledge policies, research practices, the relationship between science and democracy and the public communication of science.

Main Research Project:

FOSSR – Fostering Open Science in Social Science Research (coord. E.Reale, CNR-IRCrES, finanziamento PNRR) –


BRIDGES – Building Reflexivity and response-ability Involving Different narratives of knowledGe and Science (coord. A. L’Astorina, CNR-IREA, finanziamento Cariplo) –

BlueMed – Research and Innovation for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean Area (coord. F. Trincardi, CNR-DSSTTA, proj. man. M. Cappelletto, CNR-DSSTTA, finanziamento EU) –

PicoSEC-MCNet – Pico-second Siliconphotomultiplier Electronics Crystal research – Marie-Curie Network (coord. E. Auffray, CERN, finanziamento EU)