Rota Francesca Silvia
Rota Francesca Silvia
Ricercatore Associato

Strada delle Cacce, 73 10135 - Torino


Francesca Silvia Rota, geographer, is currently a researcher at the Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth (IRCRES) of the National Research Council of Italy. She holds a Degree in Architecture and a PhD in Territorial Planning and Local Development (with a thesis on the Regional Innovation Systems) from the Polytechnic and University of Torino. She participated in several projects at the national and European scale, mainly dealing with local development and regional policies. Her research interests are diverse and include local development, competitiveness, sustainability and resilience. Recently, she has focused on the study of territorial development in peri-rural and mountainous areas.

From 2007 to 2013 she was a lecturer at the University of Torino, teaching courses on “Economic Geography”, “Firms Networks” and “District Economies”.

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