Sella Lisa
Sella Lisa

Since 2010 researcher at CNR-IRCrES, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth of the Italian National Research Council. She is an applied economist with special interest in quantitative methods. She is professor of Business Analytics at the University of Turin, where she held her PhD in Economics in 2008. Currently, her research interests mainly concern methods, data and techniques for public policy and program evaluation. Since 2010 she has been working on research projects on training and job placement policies and she is currently involved in a comprehensive counterfactual evaluation project of occupational safe and health policies, as well as policies fostering active ageing. Other research interests include quantitative methods for growth and economic analysis, agent-based modeling, and complex economic systems.

Teaching in English and Italian language; Courses in: Applied Economics (Business Analytics Lab, Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, Statistics for Business), Econometrics (Metodi Quantitativi per l’Economia), Political Economy (Microeconomia Intermedia)

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