Ambiente, salute e lavoro: analisi empiriche per uno sviluppo integrato. Quaderni IRCrES 19

Quaderni n. 19

Ambiente, salute e lavoro: analisi empiriche per uno sviluppo integrato
A cura di Mario Nosvelli

CNR-IRCrES, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Ricerca sulla Crescita Economica Sostenibile, Strada delle Cacce 73, 10135 Torino, Italia

Corresponding author:

Abstract: The contemporary economic and social landscape is increasingly intertwined with three fundamental factors: environment, labour, and health. These elements, once studied in isolation, are now recognized for their strong interplay and essential interdependencies, shaping the feasibility and sustainability of economic and social development (Dasgupta, 2001). This volume offers multifaceted insights, revealing shared themes in analyses of seemingly disparate issues. Equitable and inclusive transitions, as advocated in international documents, demand innovative approaches to investment opportunities (Commissione europea, 2019).
Human capital and labour changes represent two essential cross-cutting interpretive lenses, especially given Italy’s lag in adopting digital technologies and networks, which also presents a challenge. This volume uncovers some of the present dynamics of development and growth, marked by workforce economic inactivity and the environmental impact of various industries. A further common theme in these studies is the importance of policy implications, pointing toward policies that are no longer sectoral but systemic to address the multifaceted challenges hindering economic and social development. The emerging results highlight some significant relationships. In general terms, it appears that the quality of human capital and the deficiencies in governance and control in policies adoption are perceived as obstacles to development more than the lack of financial resources. These provide original insights for future in-depth exploration of what is presented in this volume.

ISBN: 978-88-98193-34-9

ISSN (online): 2499-6661


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