CNR case histories in the Blue Planet Economy. Quaderni IRCrES 16

Quaderni IRCrES n. 16

CNR case histories in the Blue Planet Economy
edited by Giampaolo Vitali, Isabella Maria Zoppi


This volume gathers the eighteen interventions of the researchers of the National Research Council of Italy presented at the Blue Planet Economy European Maritime Forum 2021. These include conference papers and extended writings deriving from the transcription of the videos produced specifically for a session dedicated to the Mediterranean.

These contributions touch on seemingly distant themes, such as economy, archaeology, ecological transition, tourism, culture…, organized into four sections: Economics and Green Economy, Strategies and Policies, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, and Borders and Societies. They show that the complexity of the current situation stems from history, different cultures, societies and religions that have shaped the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin.


Foreword. The Mediterranean: economy, societies, technologies, humanities
Giampaolo Vitali, Isabella Maria Zoppi
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Blue Economy and research in social sciences and humanities. Toward a multidisciplinary approach
Emanuela Reale
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Economics and Green Economy

Maritime cultural landscape: collaborative governance for resilience and sustainability
Massimo Clemente, Gaia Daldanise, Eleonora Giovene Di Girasole
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The shipbuilding industry in Italy: an overview
Giuseppe Giulio Calabrese, Giampaolo Vitali
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The collaboration between port and city in low carbon transition: the case of Livorno
Barbara Bonciani
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Transition strategies towards a more sustainable marine tourism: some proposals from an European project
Monica Cariola
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Strategies and Policies

Blue in the Green. How the European Green Deal will affect Eu seas and the maritime sector
Susanna Paleari
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EU Region-building for Maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea: the EUSAIR and the WestMED initiative
Raffaella Coletti
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Mobility of non-European researchers in the Mediterranean. The Italy-Spain relationships
Emanuela Varinetti
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Italian research network in the Mediterranean area: situation and outlooks for the future
Antonio Zinilli
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Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Adriatic Voyages. Prehistoric mobility between the sea and the mountains
Maja Gori
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Invisible landscapes: a journey beneath the sea in the Bay of Naples, Italy
Crescenzo Violante
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Archeofish project. Fishing, food processing, and commerce in Greek and Roman Sicily
Darío Bernal-Casasola, Daniele Malfitana, Antonino Mazzaglia, José Juan Díaz
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The Phoenician Mediterranean: a space for communication, transmission and sharing
Ida Oggiano
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Borders and Societies

“The Mediterranean sea is our home”: a video to summarize some of the research activities developed by ISMed CNR
Carmelo Bennici, Angela Cuttitta, Marilena Di Natale,
Tiziana Masullo, Marianna Musco, Vito Pipitone, Stefania Russo, Donatella Spera
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Legal patchwork and national borders in the Mediterranean Sea
Gemma Andreone
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Tunisian workers in Sicily. Fishing economy at the origins of foreign immigration to Italy (1960s-1970s)
Michele Colucci
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Mediterranean ports and literature. Minds as open as ports, in Amin Maalouf’s novels
Antonella Emina
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Musical words for a Mediterranean imaginary: Genoa in singer-songwriters’ lyrics
Isabella Maria Zoppi
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