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L’Alterità nel “Terzo Paesaggio”: una risorsa di sostenibilità socio-territoriale.

Gli stranieri residenti nella Valle del Turano, fonte di rinascita tra innovazione e tradizione.

Presentazione progetto di ricerca etnografica*

The otherness in the “Tierce paysage”: a resource for social and environmental sustainability.

The foreigners who reside in the Valle de Turano (RI), a source of rebirth between innovation and local tradition. Working paper of an ethnographic research


Brunella Bonettia

aCNR-IRCRES, National Research Council, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth, via Real Collegio 30, Moncalieri (TO) – Italy

corresponding author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This paper aims to analyse the presence of foreign and immigrant individuals or groups that are financially, socially and geographically disadvantaged in small villages of Central Italy. The essay focuses on Castel di Tora, a village situated in Turano valley, in the Province of Rieti, Lazio, Italy. Castel di Tora is a mountainous hamlet of the central Appennino, and today it is significantly depopulated due to the economic crisis. The current inhabitants are groups of foreigners from different countries who work in various fields. The aim of this research is to investigate the potential added value represented by foreigners for development of the community in the professional, economic, social, cultural and environmental areas. The project assumes that the relations between foreigners and locals stimulate a virtuous circle and encourage both the renaissance of the villages and the integration of foreigners. Moreover, the work of immigrants may help in the recovery of traditions in cross-cultural and sustainable methods at the environmental and social level. The project uses an anthropological perspective and ethnographic method for gathering qualitative data from the field. The assumptions made will serve as theoretical reference the ecological anthropology of Gregory Bateson.



Anthropology, tradition, innovation, immigrants, work, sustainability, relationship, integration, community, development


DOI: 10.23760/2421-7158.2017.013


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Bonetti B., 2017. “L’Alterità nel ‘Terzo Paesaggio’: una risorsa di sostenibilità socio-territoriale.Gli stranieri residenti nella Valle del Turano, fonte di rinascita tra innovazione e tradizione. Presentazione progetto di ricerca etnografica”, Working Paper IRCrES, n. 13, pp. 1-20.




*Si ringrazia tutti coloro che hanno accettato di contribuire alla ricerca etnografica. in particolare “Walden”, Rita, e il sindaco di Castel di Tora. Si ringrazia altresì la responsabile dell’IRCRES di Roma, Emanuela Reale.




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